How can I request an appointment? 
Around every 2 months I open my books to new inquiries. Info on booking dates are usually first sent out in my newsletter, then on Instagram. I keep both updated as much as possible. Once my books open, you can fill out a request for an appointment to tell me all about your rad tattoo idea!

How can I request an appointment for a date later in the year? What about if i'm traveling and will need to plan ahead for an appointment?
If you would like an appointment for a specific month, keep an eye out 4-6 weeks beforehand.

How can I pay?
CASH is preferred, Venmo is second preference and if you have neither I also accept card.

How can I set up a consultation?
All tattoo consultations are done via email If we move forward with booking, I'll send over specific booking guidelines for your to fill out about your tattoo idea so that we both have a clear understanding for your tattoo design.

When can I see my tattoo design?
I'll have your sweet design on the day of your appointment. I draw each of my designs when I am feeling most inspired by your piece, please do not rush this and trust my process. When the day comes, I'll have a stencil of your design ready. This means it will just be a main outline when I show you (shading and details will be included into the tattoo). I book additional time for each appointment to review your design and make any minor changes but, if I feel there are too many changes needed with the finalized design, a new appointment may need to be booked. I never send out designs beforehand to protect the connection between you as a client and myself as an artist.

How long/much will my tattoo be?
My rate is $250/hr (minimum as well). Each piece varies depending on many factors such as size, placement, and detail. I'm always willing to work with a budget if you have a specific price range you want to stay within. (please note: a $150 non-refundable deposit is required to book your tattoo, this deposit applies toward the final cost of your piece)

Can I get multiple tattoos done in one session?
Not always - I also prefer to keep focus on one design. 
I book according to available time slots in my schedule - so there is no guarantee for an additional tattoo for the time allotted during your appointment if it was not included upfront in your original inquiry. Please keep in mind that a new deposit ($150) is needed for an additional drawing which was not discussed beforehand.

What if I changed my idea about what I want to get tattooed?
If you want to change the idea we originally discussed you will need to leave a new $150 deposit and possibly make a new appointment. If the new idea isn't my artistic direction I may re-direct you with recommendations to book with another artist who may be a better fit for the piece.

I can no longer make it to my appointment, can I offer my spot to a friend? 
No, all cancelled or rescheduled appointments will be filled in by another existing client.... (or open opportunity for a cool flash piece!) 

Can my friend sit in with me while I get tattooed?
Sure! The space is shared amongst other inspiring artists and clients, so please keep that in mind when bringing a +1. We try to encourage not having multiple guests at once just as a courtesy to others. My station is also close to some stairs for entrance/exit, so it's hard to compromise the space when that needs to always be clear.

Do you do cover ups of old tattoos or scarring?
I do not do cover up works. Just not my style, but I can refer you to someone who can. As for scarring, my style of work is generally really light and fineline, it does not do much of a cover for scarring and would likely need to be touched up multiple times once healed, so I would generally also recommend another artist for this type of work as well. 

Do you do color or white ink tattoos?
No, I only use black + grey ink.

Is it true that tattoos with thin lines fade faster? Or that small tattoos don't age well? 
Yes, it's true! Finer lined tattoos generally will need to be touched up once healed. Why? This is because your skin regenerates, and sometimes the tinier lines don't hold as well. Touch ups are normal for these kind of tattoos. Tons of sun exposure, or letting your tattoo dry out/picking or scratching at scabbing can also lead to faster fading. Certain areas of skin can also be more prone to fading (higher risk in areas which are actively stretching or has lots of movement/friction from clothes rubbing) Really tiny tattoos can blur over time if the work is done with a bolder outline with of a design that has plenty of detail in a small space. I deny requests that have worlds of detail but are unreasonably small. With proper care and awareness, your tattoo will lead to a smooth healing but always keep in mind skin is skin and everyone has a unique texture, elasticity, and healing process. 

How can I book a touch up?
You can shoot me an email about booking a touch up! They are free within the first 3 months of the original tattoo date. I usually book touch ups during the week in the morning.

I've sent a request but have not heard back. Should I submit another one?
Sometimes pieces won't get chosen because it's not something I'd want to focus on at the moment, or I don't have enough space for it for the time being. More than likely, I might not have reached your request in time before my schedule filled up, especially for Fridays or Saturdays. I try to accommodate as many as I can in a booking period, but if you didn't manage to snag a spot this time, It doesn't hurt to send another request for the next booking. If you've sent multiple in the past and have not heard back, it may be because your projected idea/subject isn't what i'm looking to work on at the given time (or if it's out of my style range/artistic direction: lettering, portraits/realism, intricate mandalas, bands, cover ups or color work).

Will I receive a response even if my idea doesn't get chosen?
I'm sorry if this makes me seem like an asshole, but not everyone who requests an appointment will be booked or receive a said before, booking is based on order of submission, suitability & availability. Some requests may also be denied if the subject of tattoo idea is too vague-or undecided. I ask that you please be 100% sure of what you want to get tattooed before booking with me. If I feel that I am not the right artist for your piece, please do not take it personal.  Once I've read and booked up my schedule, my primary focus is on those clients, giving them my full undivided attention. I'm sorry if I don't reach back to your request, I do read each one, and I truly appreciate your support and interest in my work.