• Drink plenty of water to keep your skin hydrated

  • Shower, moisturize & gently exfoliate

  • Avoid excessive tanning, sun burns, scratches, and/or bruises in the area

  • If you're expecting to be out at a certain time, or need to stay within a certain budget please let me know ahead of time

  • Make sure to come healthy, I will not tattoo you while sick and would rather reschedule

  • Confirm your appointment (automated confirmation email will be sent out 2 weeks prior)

  • Purchase aftercare products for healing (unscented soap, Aquaphor or shea butter, and unscented lotion)

  • Must be 18+ and have ID ready



  • Shower, moisturize & gently exfoliate. Shave any hair in the area.

  • Eat well before coming

  • Wear something comfortable that has easy access to the area you'd like tattooed. Be mindful that ink can easily stain light clothing

  • I prefer you came alone but you're more than welcome to bring company if need be, just keep in mind that the space is shared amongst other artists and clients so please do not to bring multiple people - walkways need to be clear for others. If you do plan on bringing a +1 it’s nice to let me know ahead of time

  • If you are expecting a long session, free to bring anything that makes you feel comfortable like snacks, headphones, a book, water, or a blanket

  • Upon arrival: Fill out a waiver & scan ID. In the meantime I will set up my station. Next, we will go over design and begin the stenciling process. From there, we start the tattoo. Once finished, we’ll take photos, bandage, and review aftercare

Please don't hesitate to ask if you have any questions or concerns, you can easily reach me by email or text (info only given to existing clients)