frequently asked questions

How can I request an appointment? 
All appointments are booked by the booking link on the home page. If the link is not available, this means Lianna is temporarily not accepting new appointments. Lianna accepts new tattoo inquiries once every 2-3 months, and will make an announcement along with the link when the time comes. Please wait until Lianna’s books are open in order to request an appointment.

What is the rate/cost for a tattoo?
Lianna charges $250/hr (minimum as well). A $150 non-refundable deposit is required upfront in order to book your tattoo.

What is the cancellation/rescheduling policy?
Lianna requires at least a 7 days notice in order to receive a full deposit refund. Please send an email directly to Lianna if you need to cancel or reschedule an appointment.
All scheduled appointments are booked only for the individual client whom it belongs to. You may not give your appointment to a friend, please be considerate of this. Each appointment is booked according to design and duration of hours the tattoo will take.

Tattoo design f.a.q.

Can I see my tattoo design?
All tattoo designs will be shown on the day of the appointment, no exceptions.

What if I want to change my design?
Minor changes to your design can be made the day of your appointment. If design has to be re-drawn more than once, a new $150 deposit is required and you may be asked to reschedule. Placement and size changes can be flexible as long as it is within reason for the appointment time scheduled.

Can I get multiple small tattoo designs in one hour?
The minimum for each tattoo is $250.
Tattoos are priced individually, unless requested in advance when originally booking. Requesting multiple tattoos requires more time, please understand not every request for multiple tattoos can be seen due to scheduling.

Can I request a color tattoo?
No. Black and grey ink only.

Can I book a cover up?
Lianna’s fineline, delicate style doesn’t do well as a cover up for an existing tattoo.

Appointment f.a.q.

Can my friend come to my appointment?
Sure. It is not encouraged due to the small shared space amongst other artists and clients, but if you must bring someone for support, we only ask to please be considerate. This is an intimate space where artists need room to move, focus and speak to their client 1:1 about their tattoo. Clients of other artists’ may need personal space as well, so please keep the noise and company to a minimum.

Can I take anything beforehand to help with the pain?
There are numbing creams available if absolutely needed. You may also take Tylenol, but avoid aspirin and ibuprofen or any other blood thinners. Please do not come intoxicated to your appointment (only makes it worse!)

How can I pay for my appointment?
Cash or Venmo preferred, paying by cc is available upon request.

Tattoo Aftercare f.a.q.

How do fineline / small tattoos heal over time?
Generally, fineline tattoos will need to be touched up at least once due to fall outs or fading.
As skin regenerates, sometimes those thin lines don't hold as well. Touch ups are normal and encouraged for these kind of tattoos. 
Sun exposure, poor aftercare, or certain placement can also lead to faster fading.
Really tiny tattoos will blur over time if the tattoo is done with a bolder outline and has a design with plenty of detail in a small space. Requests that have too much detail and are unreasonably small will be denied. With proper care and awareness, your tattoo will lead to a smooth healing but always keep in mind skin is skin and everyone has a unique texture, elasticity, and healing process. 

How can I book a touch up and how much will it be?
Touch ups are complimentary within the first 3 months of the original tattoo appointment. A fee of $100 will be required if requested after 3 months. Please send Lianna an email to book a touch up.

Can I go swimming or work out after getting a tattoo?
No, please wait at least 4 weeks to go swimming, and at least 4-5 days to work out.
For more info visit

Issues with Requesting an Appointment f.a.q.

Why didn’t I get booked for my tattoo request?
Unfortunately, not every request will be seen due to the amount of space in Lianna’s schedule. If you didn’t hear back this time, don’t be discouraged! Most common reasons requests aren’t booked are due to availability, Friday and Saturday are the most popular dates to book so they are the first to fill. If your request isn’t in Lianna’s artistic direction (please see portfolio for examples of Lianna’s work) your request also may not be chosen.

Will I still receive a response even if my idea doesn't get chosen?
Not all requests will receive a response. Due to a high volume of requests, only chosen requests will receive an email response about booking. Booking is based on order of submission, suitability & availability.